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YIN YOGA & SOUND IMMERSION: Journey into deep relaxation

Invite your body to soften, your mind to let go and the breath to deepen

with Michelle Waters

Invite your body to soften, your mind to let go and the breath to deepen in this rejuvenating, receptive form of yoga. Yoga and sound is a very powerful combination of postural work, breath, frequency and vibration. This provides a synthesis of harmonious resonance for growth and transformation physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a deep healing experience leaving you feeling balanced, calm and rejuvenated.

Modern Organic, Long Jetty
Friday 7 June 2019
7pm – 9pm

Journey into deep relaxation with the powerful combination of Yin Yoga and live Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Healing. During this 2-hour experience you will dive deep into a Winter Yin Practice exploring the Traditional Chinese Medicine winter energy meridians of the Kidneys and Urinary Bladder, their function is to store, balance and distribute our bodies fluids and maintain our energy reserves to fuel us through the cooler months. Winter relates to the element of water, we focus on stimulating the water contents of our body, increasing the flow of chi and blood. To bring back the “juiciness in our joints” restoring overall vitality.

As the weather gets cooler, we begin to draw energy inwards, giving us time to pause, reflect, take stock of and process what has come of the year so far. The theme and emotions for winter are around fear and trust, we can see it in our lives in forms of stress, anxiety and overwork. So, we take time to reflect, honour our experiences and ultimately move forward with hope and optimism, honouring these transitions helps bring us into alignment with nature. It assists in letting go of habitual negative thought patterns and opens us up to our inner potential. You’ll gain an understanding into these energies and learn how to keep them balanced for your optimal wellbeing.

Using a series of deep slow asana that access the smaller connective tissues, you will be guided through this mediative practice, allowing you to self-explore and reach new levels of mindfulness and self-awareness, and how to best support yourself throughout this season. Exploring the inner workings of yourself, cultivating awareness, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality, with breath and stillness, each posture gently works into the connective tissue, that denser, deeper, more plastic/less elastic tissue, such as ligaments, joint capsules, cartilage, bones and fascial networks of the body, helping to increase circulation and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Yin increases energy flow, joint mobility, flexibility in body and mind, resilience and lowers stress and anxiety. While the crystal bowls recalibrate, align and transform the cellular structure of your body through the sound of creation. This simple yet powerful therapeutic technique is said to be like an internal massage, experienced at atomic and molecular levels, giving you that energetic tune up. Slow, gentle nourishing yoga is important for the balance and health of our bodies….

If you’re feeling:
– Tired or Flat?
– Does constant desk sitting only make things worse?
– Do you feel irritable and out of balance?
– Do you feel physical stagnation?
– Do you feel foggy fatigue?

Come join us and use this passive and calm yin practice and healing sounds of the bowls to find your winter balance, centre and bliss. This practice is suitable for all ages and stages.

Investment $45

Michelle is a dedicated yogini, surrounded by yoga all her life. Attending meditation groups from the age of 16 years Michelle has taken the practice of mindful breathing and energetic awareness with her for over 26 years.

After teaching Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga for many years Michelle now feels guided to include her intuitive connection with the crystal bowls.

Michelle shares her passion for Yin yoga through nourishing postures, taking her students deeper into the layers and levels of emotions within. Peeling back the many layers to the core of who you really are, that place of wholeness and love.

Being immersed in the healing sounds and vibrations of the beautiful crystal bowls will take you to another level of self discovery and inner healing. Emerging from deep relaxation blissful and balanced for the season ahead.

Written by Kevin Bull

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