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TREETOPS: NetWorld opens at Ourimbah

It’s a full day of old-school physical fun

High amongst the TREETOPS in the Ourimbah State Forest, an adventure park has organically developed. With ropes and wires and netting, we are lifted high above into the canopy, leaving our inhibitions on the forest floor. For the adults, you will discover muscles you had forgotten about. For the little ones, it’s a full day of old-school physical fun.

With five Treetops parks on the East Coast, it is the Central Coast site that has the only Vertical Challenge, one of two that has the Crazy Rider, and the first to open what must be the biggest treetop jumping castle. NetWorld hangs high amongst the branches and is made up of seperate large spaces waiting to be discovered through interconnecting suspension bridges. You spend time up to your neck in the ball pit, get knocked onto your backside by a giant inflatable ball, and take a quick kip in a hammock when it all becomes too much.

TreeTop NetWorld is officially open! Choose your own adventure as you make your way through a vast network of netted-trampolines, ball pits, tree houses and walkways, all suspended five meters in the trees. There's something for everyone catering for tiny tots from 1 year old, to adventurous teens and the young at heart. Bookings recommended via the website #networldaust

Posted by TreeTops on Monday, 8 April 2019


Through the day, we all went on the Xtreme Crazy Rider, had a climb on the Vertical Challenge, and only lasted about 10 of the Adventure Park challengers. We then spent most of our day in NetWorld. Us adults, we lasted about 30 minutes, but that half hour was a great experience. We felt involved in the thrill that our 14yo was having rather than just watching it. We also left him to his play and found a quiet space within Networld where we could still enjoy being up amongst the canopy without the yelling and screaming.

And our young man, he spent another hour in NetWorld after Mum and I made it to ground. Considering that he was playing with kids that he had just met, I would consider the entire day a complete success.

1 Red Hill Rd, Wyong Creek
0455 334 945

Written by Kevin Bull

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