THE ENTRANCE ART CENTRE: Now offering new arts classes

A fun and relaxing opportunity to learn new skills

Central Coast Council are excited to be offering new art classes in a new venue conveniently located near The Entrance Town Centre. The Entrance Art Centre has plenty of parking and beginning this week, they are offering a series of shorter term classes for adults and children.

Introduction to Drawing – A comprehensive and full-on introduction to pencil drawing covering all the bases, including: basic materials and optional tools/aids for drawing, line, tone/value, light and shadow, positive and negative space, composition, perspective, proportion, and creating special effects and textures on the 2-D surface. Watch your drawing improve over the course of the term!

Every Monday 25 Feb – 18 Mar 12.30pm – 3.30pm
$130 / $122.50 (members) for four weeks

Working with Watercolour – This class is suitable for all student levels, from beginners to advanced. Students will be able to work on their own projects and will receive individual instruction in all methods of watercolour, including pen and pastels.

Every Tuesday from 26 Feb – 19 Mar 1:00pm – 4:00pm
$130 / $122.50 (members) for four weeks

Drawing with Colour – A comprehensive introduction to colour drawing mediums including: colour pencil, watercolour pencil, pastels and markers. Students will learn the major techniques, including: glazing (layering), laying strokes, and burnishing. Students will also learn tips and tricks for creating special effects and textures, and methods for working on coloured paper and unconventional surfaces. Information about materials and tools will also be provided.

Every Thursday, 21 Feb – 14 Mar 12.30pm – 3.30pm
$130 / $122.50 (members) for four weeks

Plus they’re offering after school classes for children with a passion for art and nature. Students will be introduced to a variety of mediums and learn the fundamentals of art, while each week they discover a different Australian animal or plant group.

AUSTRALIAN NATURE ART – This class is for kids with a passion for art and nature. Each week will feature a different Aussie animal or plant group, including: mammals, sea creatures, flowers, insects, dinosaurs and birds. Students will be introduced to a variety of mediums and to some fundamentals of art (e.g. composition, negative space, elements of design, etc.). They will also receive a bit of art history related to each weekly focus. Suitable for ages 5—15.

Every Monday 25 Feb – 18 Mar 4:00 – 5:30pm, or
Every Thursday 21 Feb – 14 Mar 4:00 – 5:30pm
$80 / $75 (members) for four weeks

These art classes are a fun and relaxing opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people, and our new venue at The Entrance ensures everyone can enjoy the benefits of art.

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Written by Kevin Bull

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