Just when you thought your month was all sorted

Mozaik [Artist - Louis Wakley]

PISCES: No-one will take you seriously while you look like a muppet.

ARIES: Your lucky reflex this month will be “gag”.

TAURUS: Beware of invisibility.

GEMINI: We’ve found your sense of humour. It was behind the lounge.

CANCER: After reading this horoscope you will be slightly older.

LEO: I’ve no idea. Just do whatever.

VIRGO: It will finally dawn on you that hotdogs are neither hot nor dogs.

LIBRA: This horoscope is for rectal use only

SCORPIO: Stop being a dick.

SAGITTARIUS: Race 7… Number 9…. Do it now.

CAPRICORN: Immediately lend $20 to the nearest Sagittarian.

AQUARIUS: Something good may happen some day…. Maybe.

Written by Kevin Bull

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