Should we ban cameras at gigs?

Have you ever had the eyeline between you and a performer shattered by a boomer holding up an iPad to snap off a series of pics? Look, it’s an extreme example, but it seems that increasingly more gigs are lit not by the gentle flicker of a Bic lighter waved in arcs during a moody ballad, but by phones held aloft to record every. single. goddam. song.

And now performers are biting back. Jack White’s announced that no cameras will be permitted (and yep, that includes mobile phones) on his latest tour. He’s not alone, as more performers ask their audiences to get in the moment and off their phones.

Last year A Perfect Circle made headlines for kicking out fans who filmed their gigs, and Kendrick Lamar’s refused ALL photographs (even professionals in the pit) on his latest tour.

Melbourne’s Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane announced via Facebook that they’re banning punters from filming gigs, telling ABC journo Dan Harrison “Holding your phone and filming songs at a live music gig is just not rock n roll”.

Look, who doesn’t love documenting a moment with a Snap or an Insta story? If you eat a good meal and didn’t photograph it did it even happen? But while a quick snap of the set or the singer makes for a lasting memory of a gig, phones held aloft for an entire song to be shared to YouTube later not only risk violating copyright – they’re annoying-as.

What are your thoughts? Are you the Tony Mott of gigs – snapping away at every moment and defending your right to do so? Or do you prefer to get in the moment at a gig, storing memories in your mind rather than on an HD card. Let us know what you think.

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