REVIEW: Boom Crash Opera & The Angels rock The Entrance Leagues

The evening was hot, but the gig was a scorcher when legendary Aussie rockers The Angels and Boom Crash Opera blew up The Entrance Leagues Club as part of sideshows for the Red Hot Summer festival tour.

For the lucky punters that have got tickets to the upcoming festival shows at Cockatoo Island and at Roche Estate in the Hunter Valley, make sure that you don’t miss Boom Crash Opera’s high-energy set.

It’s been 30 years since Boom Crash Opera exploded onto the Australian music scene with their catchy pop songs and infectious performance. More than the ‘warm-up act for The Angels’, as frontman Dale Ryder joked to the crowd, Boom Crash Opera sizzled with their talented musicianship and electric showmanship, playing a set of hits that spanned their career.

Dale Ryder – Boom Crash Opera

The crowd sang along to an extended version of ‘Dancing in the Storm’ and jumped around like they did in the day to singles ‘Get Out of the House’ and ‘Best Thing’, before Boom Crash Opera closed their hour-long set with radio hit ‘Onion Skin’, heating up the crowd to an excited state for the on-stage arrival of Aussie rock royalty – The Angels.

The temperature in the small auditorium continued to climb as did the crowd’s anticipation for The Angels. The crowd lost in sense of cool when the legendary Brewster bothers (John and Rick) were the first to take to the stage, guitars at the ready.

When frontman Dave Gleeson took his spot out front, the small but committed crowd was almost ready to boil over with excitement. The Angels are known for their great live performances, and more than 40 years, and several line-up changes on, they definitely did not disappoint. Their faithful fans, made up of music lovers from across the generations were treated to a classic ‘Angels’ set and iconic showmanship from Gleeson, echoing the dramatic performances of revered founding frontman, Doc Neeson.

“We’ve been playing all over the country for the last few weeks to massive crowds and smaller venues like this, and it just keeps getting better and fucking better’ Gleeson told the engrossed crowd.

There’s something quintessentially Aussie about the call-and-response section to the classic The Angels song ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’. It’s pure rock ‘n roll.

On that hot summer night, The Entrance Leagues Club crowd did not disappoint and made the most of the opportunity to tell The Angels where to get off.

“It’s only parking cops and The Angels who get told to ‘fuck off’ every day they go to work – and we fucking love it,” Gleeson said to roars of encouragement from the adoring crowd.

If Boom Crash Opera were the warm-up act, then The Angels stoked an Aussie rock inferno, which the crowd won’t soon forget.

The Angels and Boom Crash Opera are just two of the iconic Aussie acts who make up this year’s line-up of the Red Hot Summer festival tour. For information and tickets visit

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