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LONG JETTY HOTEL: Have we lost the band room to Pokies?

“We are not in any way removing live music from the Long Jetty Hotel”

If the word on the street is to be believed, the Long Jetty Hotel is to loose its band room in favour of Poker Machines. When approached for comment, the Hotel failed to deny nor confirm the rumours, rather it pointed out that additional local live music is being booked most Saturdays along with it’s Sunday afternoon open mic. “We are not in any way removing live music from the Long Jetty Hotel. The room is being hired out for functions, what the owners intend to do at a later date I’m not sure.”

With the addition of live music being booked into Saturday nights, the Long Jetty Hotel will be providing more live music than it has been, and on the surface, this has to be applauded. The question still remains, will one of the last remaining dedicated band rooms on the Coast be lost to the Pokies?

Over the past couple of years, the venue had regularly hosted touring artists, and it will be these shows that will be lost. Where will The Beautiful Girls or Thirsty Merc play? Where will Mammal or The Smith Street Band play? Not at The Long Jetty Hotel it looks like.

The owner of the Long Jetty Hotel, Laundy Hotels, have not responded to our questions.

Written by Kevin Bull

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