How to kick your hangover in 5 easy steps

When it comes to hangovers, caffeine is crucial

It’s always the same old thing. It’s the afternoon, the summer sun is making you believe that time really doesn’t exist and neither does Monday morning. The dranks are flowing, the beats are perfect, and you really couldn’t care less about any of your responsibilities because you’re settling in for a big one. Although the night itself is always great, dancing up a storm, and doing you, what about the morning after. You wake up sweaty, hungover, and wishing your body did not belong to you. I’m usually pretty good with the whole hangover thing, and used to proudly declare anyone who wasn’t, ‘weak sauce’. But, the older I get, combined with the fact that I treat my body like a garbage can, the harder the hangover is to deal with. With this in mind, here are top 5 local tips to kick that hangover like nobody business.

  1. Jump in the ocean

Even if it’s a little cold and dreary outside, the best thing you can do for your body as it sweats out what is quite possibly all the booze in the country, is go for a swim. Luckily for Novocastrians, we are surrounded by the big beautiful blue. Obviously if nausea is such an issue, maybe skip the waves and head for the baths or the bogey hole. Your body will thank you later.

2. Nap in public

Nothing says a hangover like a quick kip in the sunshine. If you bring a picnic blanket, no one will even raise an eyebrow. This is especially important if your bedroom reeks of stale regret or, you just have noisy housemates and/or neighbours who are determined to do things like mow the lawn at 7am. (Are you flipping kidding me Carol?).

3. Uber Eats

Oh man, one of the best things to ever happen to Newcastle in my opinion, and one of the most perfect and downright convenient hangover cures on this planet. Take this afternoon for instance. After completing the above, I finally made my way back underneath my blankets to settle in for the Netflix binge session of a lifetime, and uber eats. I went with the Poutine fries from the Commonwealth Hotel and pretty much consumed an entire potato farm and placed myself firmly in a food coma. And I am not sorry about it. 

4. The catchup over coffee

Not only is caffeine essential to your daily life, but when it comes to hangovers, caffeine is crucial. Duh. But really, the best part about the morning after a hectic night out, is hearing about all the T.

I’m sorry she did what?

No way, I can’t believe he said that

*acts shook* GET OUT, tell me more

So there’s this thing that happened last night…

Head on down to your local cafe with the usual suspects and dish on all the goings on from the night before. Especially the stuff you don’t remember. Like that time you danced on a table at King Street and said you were just here to make bulk bank. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. Hair of the dog

Yep, you heard me right friends. I am a firm believer in the whole hair of the dog thing and will back it until I’m firmly proven otherwise. It’s not about waking up and getting straight back on the cans, it’s easy into the late afternoon with a tall glass of a little something over ice and providing a buffer for all of that withdrawal.

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