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Gin is the new vodka

Beat the heat this weekend with these frozen gin cocktails…

When I was younger, I asked someone what gin tasted like and they told me “it tastes like tears”. A quintessentially British drink, it was often misunderstood by the Australian market.

15 years ago bartenders would have been lucky to sell a handful of G&Ts in a night. Almost no one listed Gin as their drink of choice, but that is all changing.

The piney juniper-based spirit has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, helped along by a few famous people’s Instagram posts.

The increased demand for the spirit has brought with it a rise in craft gin available to Gin’s new younger crowd.

I’m just going to say it… Gin is the new Vodka. And Australian creations such as Ink Gin are taking pride of place.

I’m just going to say it… Gin is the new Vodka. Any bar worth visiting has a good gin cocktail on the menu with Australian creations such as Ink Gin taking pride of place.

Husk distillery’s, the creators of Ink Gin, have taken the production of the once white spirit to new innovative levels. Their deep blue Gin brings theatre to a standard gin and tonic.

Ink Gin is infused with 30 botanicals one of which is the blue flower of the butterfly pea. They may not the only blue Gin on the market, but they do appear to have created the richest blue.

The real theatre in their creation occurs when you add the humble tonic. Adding tonic to the pH Sensitive, deep blue spirit causes an acid base reaction that turns the Cocktail blossom pink.

This colour changing property has resulted in the Gin becoming a favourite among bar tenders who can now add an extra element of surprise to their creations.

15 years ago bartenders would have been lucky to sell a handful of G&Ts in a night.

Margot Robbie recently posted a picture of herself enjoying lusciously pink G&Ts and broke the internet. The northern river’s distillery was inundated with orders and there wasn’t a single bottle available in NSW for some weeks.

Fortunately, I managed to pry an open bottle out of the distiller’s hand which I have used to make these refreshing frozen Gin desserts.

You’ll be glad to know the shelves are once again fully stocked so you can grab yourself a bottle this weekend and keep cool with these frozen cocktails.

G&T ice blocks


120ml gin
300ml tonic
Juice one line
3tbs icing sugar (Dissolved in ½ cup of water)
1 punnet fresh raspberries


Pour the gin, tonic and lime juice into a large jug.

Add the dissolved icing sugar and give it a stir.

Pour the liquid into ice block moulds* and drop a few raspberries into the bottom of each mould.

Secure the sticks and freeze overnight.

*if you don’t have ice block moulds you can use polystyrene cups and bamboo sticks. However, this method requires quite some ingenuity to keep the sticks in place.

Gin Granita


650ml water
1 1/4 cup caster sugar
Juice of two pink grapefruit
150ml gin


Heat sugar and water over a low heat until dissolved. Allow the mixture to cool.

While the sugar syrup is cooling juice the grapefruit and strain it to remove excess pulp.

Add the grapefruit juice and gin to the cooled sugar syrup and stir.

Pour the mixture into a large freezer-proof container with a lid.

Leave to freeze over night for best results.

To serve:

Use a fork to break up the granita and spoon it into a glass. Serve with fresh pieces of grapefruit.


Kelly Barlow: Kelly is a long time foodie, she has cooked, written, published and produced all in the name of food. You can find and contact her at @whatkellycooks

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