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[Cancelled] COSMIC TEA PARTY: It’s not just a cup of tea… it’s an experience!

This is Nature’s Music, sung through the blends


Inspired by nature and drawing upon the ancient wisdom that is held in herbs, MaYanya will introduce you to her unique range of Herbal Harmonic Teas. She will share with you the story that has enabled these beautiful blends to be sung into being and teach you how to remember how to hear the voice of nature – with your body.

Saturday 18th May | 4-5:30pm
Modern Organic, Long Jetty

This is Nature’s Music, sung through the blends, vibrating through your beautiful instrument, working organically with the body’s systems and rhythms to bring healing, harmony and balance, naturally. It’s not just a cup of tea… it’s an experience!

About MaYanya

For more than 20 years MaYanya has had a busy Practice in SACRED PSYCHOLOGY which involves a combination of her high level intuitive ability, integrated spiritual wisdom, and energetic healing. Her ability to see and deconstruct the intricate patterns that are woven through the physical, mental and emotional bodies of an individual are truly unique, with her clients often experiencing “life changing” paradigm shifts.

Tea will be available to purchase on the afternoon.

Written by Kevin Bull

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